Plot Holes

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Writers write. It’s what we do. We’re driven to write. Getting through the first draft is a great, but it’s only scratching the surface of your story. The second, third, and fifteenth draft—if your insanity takes you that far. I’m not here to judge. Some people are driven into insanity when it comes to writing. I […]

February Newsletter

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February has always been the month for love. Whether you’re in a relationship with someone else or you crave the relationship between two characters in the current book you’re reading. Or maybe you’ve been too busy trying to stay warm to notice we’re in the month of February. Many parts of the country have endured […]

August Newsletter

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I wanted to say thank you to all my readers. You inspire me to keep writing. I published Whisper Creek this past April. If you’re looking to purchase a copy, click on the link. I’m also excited because I signed with The Wild Rose Press and we’re in the final stages of publishing my […]