May the New Year bring you lots of happiness, joy, blah, blah, blah. Just kidding. But it’s hard to fathom 2023 is already here. As a kid, I always thought by the time 2000 came rolling around, we’d be driving flying cars like the Jetsons. But here we are in 2023 and no flying cars. But technology has changed a lot since I was a kid. Such as cellphones. Who could have predicted these little gadgets would take over the world. That’s not entirely true, but there’s so many apps we can download onto these nifty gadgets.

Anyway, onto other matters. I published two novels in 2022. The Kill Club, which was my first attempt at writing another genre. It’s sort of horror meets thriller. Here’s a quick preview. Former Navy SEAL, Nick Sparrow left a life of danger in Afghanistan only to be hunted by men from his own country. Swept up in the battle of his life, he will need to use all his skills to survive the Kill Club.

And for those of you who enjoyed Stone Cold, Minutes to Midnight is the next in the series. In Minutes to Midnight, Sergeant Rebecca Watson is working a serial killer case when she gets activated in the Navy Reserves. While serving aboard an Aegis Cruiser, she realizes there’s a serial killer onboard.

I’m currently working on Girl in the Leaves and Cold, which are books three and four in the Rebecca Watson crime thriller series. I’m hoping to have both published in 2023. Rebecca just informed me they will be or else she’s going to have her dog Samantha take a bite out of my keister. Was that a threat? Certainly not. Keister must be French for a roll or something doughy. Right?

In any case, as I finish this newsletter, I do hope 2023 is a wonderful year for you. And if you feel like you’ve missed one of my books, you can click here, and the link will take you to my website where all my novels, novellas, and other books are listed. You can also sign up for my Newsletter where you’ll get monthly updates on my books as well as writing tips.

Anyway, Happy New Year.

James Glass


James Glass retired from the United States Navy after 22 years of service. After retiring, he exchanged his rifle for a pen. He and his family moved back to the Florida Panhandle. He’s married and has two children. James is also the President of the Panhandle Writer's Group.

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