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James Glass achieved the rank of Command Master Chief before retiring after 22 years in the United States Navy. After retiring from the Navy, he exchanged his rifle for a pen. He and his family moved back to Florida. James is also the President of the Panhandle Writers Group. He’s published five novels, one novella, and two (you solve the crime) chapter books.

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17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. zeepolly

    Thanks, James, for your support of beta readers. As a copy editor, I enjoy this kind of “reading” because I can help before the “next steps” of an author toward publishing their manuscript. Always a great goal!

    1. James

      I agree. We can always use help to get our writing right!

  2. Darryl Fowler

    Hello James Glass. I really enjoyed Bugged Out. It was fun reading and I loved your light heartiness and humor. I met you at Killer Nashville last year. Hope to see you again. Happy writing.

    1. James


      Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. I’ll definitely be at Killer Nashville again. See you then.


  3. Joan Noeldechen

    James: Thank you for allowing me to read Couch Potato. It is a great book. I wish you prosperity and success.

    1. James

      Thank you, Joan. Glad you enjoyed reading Couch Detective.

  4. Richard Thomas Hinkley

    James, First of all I miss you and your family very much and the thought of not seeing your kids grow up. As I said I have an idea for a book and wanted to share the idea with you. Can you send me your e-mail so I can share some thoughts with you.

    1. James

      Sure Uncle Richard. It’s james.c.glass@aol.com

    2. James

      I would love to help wit your book idea. Reach out to me.

  5. Jonathan Finch

    Saw you on Awesome. Care for a review? Could you reciprocate for one of mine? https://www.amazon.com/author/finchjf (poetry / novels)

    1. James

      Sure. Let me know which one.

  6. C. Mertz

    Thank you for your service sir.

    1. James

      Thank you for your support. It means so much to us Veterans.

  7. James

    Great page.

  8. mzeid18

    James, You and I are on a panel together at Killer Nashville. Like you, I am retired military (Marine Corps) and live in the Florida Panhandle. Would like to find out more about your writers’ group. Mark Zeid

    1. James

      Sorry for the late response, but life keeps me busy as I’m sure you’re well aware. I would definitely like to get together at Killer Nashville. I’ll also keep your email. Mine is james.c.glass@aol.com
      Look forward to talking with you brother.


  9. mzeid18

    James, I’m also a mystery writer, retired military, and living in the Florida Panhandle. We are on a panel together at Killer Nashville 2023. Hope to get in contact with you before then. My email is mzeid59@gmail.com

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