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Girl in the Leaves

While Detective Rebecca Watson wrestles with the possibility that her mother may get away with murder, she responds to the murder-suicide of a family of five and soon discovers they had been in the Witness Protection Program. This greatly complicates her investigation.

Then a few days later, two Eugene Falls College students stumble up on a young woman’s body partially covered with leaves. As Rebecca doubles down to solve both gruesome cases, she faces an emotional trauma of such unspeakable darkness that it makes her question whether she can still do her job.

Minutes to Midnight

Detective Rebecca Watson of the Eugene Falls Police Department is getting ready for her Drill Weekend in the Navy Reserves when she gets the call from her lieutenant. He wants her to check a crime scene of a serial killer who was severely injured during an automobile accident while transporting bodies in 55-gallon drums. Her boss believes this is an open and shut case, but upon further investigation Watson realizes the serial killer had a partner. While working the case, she is activated in the Navy onboard the USS Vella Gulf.

While working onboard the ship, she uncovers there may be a serial killer on the Vella Gulf who is murdering prostitutes in each port. Nothing can prepare her for the gauntlet of turmoil and trouble that may lead to her demise by uncovering the true motive behind the murders.

Relentlessly pursuing two unknown serial killers, one at home and one at sea throws Watson into emotional disorder as she fights to keep control—driven to bring these monsters to justice.

The Kill Club

Welcome to The Kill Club—an informal men’s club is set in a luxurious hunting lodge located on twenty-thousand acres of Pensacola, Florida woodlands. The members gather to hunt the homeless, streetwalkers, and others deemed lowlifes.

After serving in the military, Navy SEAL Nick Sparrow decides to start a new career in his hometown of Pensacola. A freak winter storm pummels the area and he crashes his muscle car. Forced to hitchhike, he crosses paths with a member of the Kill Club who mistakenly thinks Nick is a vagrant.

Nick left a life of danger in Afghanistan only to be hunted by men from his own country. Swept up in the battle of his life, he will need to use all his skills to survive both the Kill Club and the freezing weather.


A contract killer only known as Kestrel has been hired by billionaire Wesley Van Ascot to kill an Iranian Diplomat and retrieve a file. After completing the task of killing the Diplomat, Kestrel is unable to locate the file. Soon, tensions between Ascot and the assassin become heated and Ascot hires a Russian contract killer to hunt Kestrel and retrieve the file. The only thing keeping Kestrel alive is no one has ever uncovered the identity of the assassin. But will this be enough.

Stone Cold

Detective Rebecca Watson is tracking a vicious serial killer in Eugene Falls, Florida. As a distraction, she’s dragged back into court for the retrial of a man convicted of murdering his girlfriend five years earlier. His defense attorney will use any means to get his client freed, including uncovering old wounds from Watson’s past.

As the case takes a few hard turns, nothing can prepare her for the world she’s about to encounter, the past that haunts her, and the truth behind the serial killer’s motive.

Whisper Creek

When a young girl is found strangled in a small clearing along Whisper Creek in Charleston, South Carolina, Lieutenant Mark Wheeler must use all his resources to find a sadistic killer. As he digs deeper into the investigation, the case stirs up old wounds from his past. Soon he discovers there may be a connection between human trafficking and his Janie Doe. Suddenly, all of Charleston is in an uproar for the police to find the girl’s killer. As the case takes a few hard turns, nothing can prepare him for the world he’s about to encounter, the past that haunts him, and a city on the brink of destruction.

Things Left Behind

When Lieutenant Mark Wheeler of the South Carolina Police Department arrives at a possible murder-suicide, he realizes almost immediately things are amiss. The crime scene is brutal, but upon further investigation, he unveils a sadistic killer at play who will stop at nothing to get away.

As the case unfolds, nothing can prepare Wheeler for the gauntlet of turmoil and trouble. Relentlessly pursuing a psychopath who has flown under the radar for years, Mark fights to keep control—driven to bring this monster to justice.

Will the sadistic killer finally be caught or will his instincts which have helped him so far see him through to the end?