May the New Year bring you lots of happiness, joy, blah, blah, blah. For me, 2019 means life is flying by. Am I the only one who thinks time is speeding up? Seems we just rang in 2018. Or am I thinking 2017. Can’t tell anymore. Everything is a blur these days. Maybe I should stop blinking or I’ll miss 2019.

Time also seems to keep me from finishing my next novel, but that may be me procrastinating. Surely not, you say? I agree. Writers never procrastinate, we merely have brief periods of time gaps. See, it happened again. I closed my eyes for a second and we time warped from Jan 1, to Jan 15.

For those of you who enjoyed Stone Cold, the next one in the series is in the works. Now if I could only find my notes. Have you seen them?

I need to quit blinking and finish my latest novel. Rebecca Watson isn’t happy her latest crime thriller isn’t finished. She told me if I don’t pick up the pace, she’s going to have her dog Samantha take a bite out of my keister. Was that a threat? Certainly not. Keister must be French for a roll or something doughy. Right?

In any case, as I finish my newsletter, I plan on finishing up the first draft by the end of the month and hope to be ready for publication through The Wild Rose Press by March. Although April could be a slim possibility.

Rebecca just told me March or else. If you don’t hear from me on April 1st, it’s not a joke. Send out the search party.

Oh, now Rebecca says she was kidding. Whew!

Anyway, Happy New Year.

James Glass


James Glass retired from the United States Navy after 22 years of service. After retiring, he exchanged his rifle for a pen. He and his family moved back to the Florida Panhandle. He’s married and has two children. James is also the President of the Panhandle Writer's Group.

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