February Newsletter

February has always been the month for love. Whether you’re in a relationship with someone else or you crave the relationship between two characters in the current book you’re reading.

Or maybe you’ve been too busy trying to stay warm to notice we’re in the month of February. Many parts of the country have endured sub-zero temperatures. I’m a Floridian so anything below 60 degrees is freezing weather for me. No matter where you call home. I hope you’re comfortable.

In the writing front, I’m still plugging away on the next Rebecca Watson crime thriller. She keeps telling me to write, write, write. Who am I one to argue. She’s right though. I don’t want to let her down nor do I want to let my readers down. For those of you who read Stone Cold, thank you. For those who haven’t, well, there’s still copies available. You can also download on Audible as well.

February is a sort month and so this too will be a short newsletter. Please send me your comments. I always return a response. Have a great February while love is still in the air.

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