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October is the time of year when fall arrives in most of the states. If you’re like me and live in the South, fall has a tendency of arriving late. October is also a time of Trick or Treat. Halloween is a fun time in my family. We decorate our house and hand out candy to little monsters, princesses, superheroes and the like. I also enjoy dressing up and taking my six-year-old grandson house to house. He loves it. Truth be told, I do too.
October is especially great this year for me because my new crime thriller, Stone Cold get’s released on Halloween. How cool is that! So when you’re rummaging through your children’s candy, tasting samples to make sure it’s safe, the sugar rush will keep you awake late into the evening. So you may as well read a copy of Stone Cold to keep you company. It’s to die for. Cliche’ I know, but I wanted to make sure you were still with me.
Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween.

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