Writing Epiphany

As I sit in Starbucks, drinking coffee and working on my current novel, I realize I’ve been truly blessed in my life. I have a loving family, great friends, a supportive writers group, and the ability to write.

Writing never came easy to me. In fact, it had been elusive to me. A foreign concept. One I didn’t start until 2011. Before then I watched moves, read books, and traveled the world as a Navy …

I’ve come across many stories in my life, but never wrote them down. Then one day back in 2011 a fellow Master Chief, Herb Kelton, challenged me to write a book. At first, I declined. But the more I let the idea stew, the thoughts started to rattle into my head so much, I had no choice but to write them down.

Four months later I completed the first draft. Not great, but a start. The second draft looked better, but still not right. Then I got a publisher, woohoo, I’m done, right?

Not even close. The publisher appointed me an editor and we started the process of change, aka, edit, aka, hell. But after several months of going back and forth, the story that started in my head became a polished reality.

I’ve written several more books over the years and endured the same process, albeit a little less painful. As writers, we grow, we learn, we get better. Whatever you’ve accomplished in 2017, I hope 2018 is better.

Happy writing.



4 thoughts on “Writing Epiphany

  1. Hi James
    It’s nice to read about an author who is happy to share how difficult it can be to write your first book. I think it reassures new authors they are not alone in this.

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